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Parents, teach your daughters to aspire to be rich women instead of aspiring to be rich men’s wives


It is important that today’s parents teach their daughters to aspire to be rich women more than they aspire to be rich men’s wives.

Gone are the days when girls are taught to learn how to cook and clean so that they can get rich men to marry them. That’s so outdated.

There’s nothing wrong with teaching your daughters to make their own money and be rich to buy expensive gifts for themselves and live a good life.

Wealth and success is not gender selective or specific. Girls should learn how to make money as well as boys are taught.

Today’s parents should teach their daughters how to be rich women

They should not be taught to tolerate disrespect from men because these men are rich. That’s setting them up for financial failure.

When I see women who are financially handicapped in abusive relationships, my heart sinks. I feel bad for them. But it all started from childhood.

Today’s parents should not repeat the same mistakes their own parents made by equipping girls for marriage only and boys for making money.

Girls and boys should be taught everything about life, morals, self preservation and finances.


Teaching girls morals and excluding from learning how to make money is terrible. It has unpleasant consequences.

I totally agree with this post as seen on facebook.

“Dear parents,

Please learn to teach your daughters to aspire to be rich women, MORE THAN they aspire to be wives of rich men.

Teach them that they don’t have to take nonsense from men just because the man is rich and rich enough to buy them a N45 million car.

Teach them that the best and surest way to enjoy wealth is by making their own money, NOT by aspiring to date or marry rich men.

Teach them that they deserve better than a Davido type of boyfriend or husband.

Tell them that they can make their own money and buy those things for themselves and for their husbands.

Written by Cheery Bianze

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  2. Jijah says

    This is so true. Every girl should be taught that she is enough.

    1. Kate says

      Thank you sis.

  3. Ebube says

    True, we don’t need any Davido type assurance

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