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5 fears that can destroy your relationship


Relationship fears are real. Overcoming fear in relationships is hard work. You have love versus fear in relationships as well as common relationship fears that women should be wary of. Relationship worries are often symptoms of a fear of abandonment, which manifests in different ways.

Aside the list of fears in a relationship, what many ladies don’t know is that fearful thoughts can become self-fulfilling prophecies. When you let your fears and worries get out of control, they start manifesting and then they become toxic to your relationships.

Ladies, here are five biggest fears in a relationship that can ultimately destroy what you have with your partner:

We are getting too close

A fear of being vulnerable can cause you to keep your guy at an arm’s length. You stay so busy, distracted, unavailable, preoccupied with many things that there is very little time left for connection with your partner. This will cause problems because relationships require spending time with each other to work.

I’m not good enough for him

If you always feel and say: “I’m not pretty enough, sexy enough, educated enough, smart enough because you feel like a failure, you will find yourself needing your partner to continually validate your worth in order to feel good. This will cause stress in your relationship.

fears that destroy relationships

He’s cheating


If he tells you he’s going on a work trip and you immediately assume he’s cheating, you are fearful. Always accusing him of cheating will make your relationship stressful for you both. You don’t have to harbour fear to the extent that your relationship starts suffering.

He’s going to leave me

If you are constantly fretting that that your man will leave you without warning, that fear can cause chronic anxiety  in your relationship. This fear can make you cling to the other person as if your life depends on them. Fear of relationship failure will leave you unhappy.

He’s not good enough for me

If he can’t do anything right, whether it’s foreplay before sex or cooking a special food for you, you are sabotaging your relationship. If you react by rejecting him and his loving gestures before you can be rejected,you will harm your relationship in the long run.

How to silence your fears:

Recognize your negative thoughts. Bring yourself back to the present. Don’t react immediately. Allow yourself time to get control over your thoughts and feelings.

You have to work to create a secure, intimate and loving relationship with yourself. Doing this will prepare you to give and receive love from your partner.

Give yourself a huge dose of the things you want to see in your relationship. By becoming emotionally responsive to your needs, your will fears reduce and your ability to give and receive love will increase.

As a woman, you must work on yourself so that you can enjoy your relationship with your partner. You won’t need fear in relationship quotes to keep you going anymore as you love yourself more.


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