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Married women, the happiness of single ladies is not your business


Dear married women, the happiness of single ladies is not your business. If a single lady says she’s happy, why should you tell her she’s not because she’s still unmarried?

Do you know if she wants to get married at all? Why do some married women treat single ladies badly because they are not married?

Why is it that it’s women who are miserable in their marriages that throw insults at single ladies at the slightest opportunity?

Why are these women so concerned about the marital status of ladies who by all indications are doing better than them?

Why are these women quick to remind unmarried ladies that they are not complete women because they lack husbands?

These same women who claim they are happily married are the ones running from mountain to valley to pray so that their husbands can at least treat them like human beings.

The happiness of single ladies is not the business of married women

They are the ones always looking for their husbands penises under every gown skirt and bum shorts.

They are the ones always spying on their husbands phones to get their Aso Rock passwords so that they can confirm they are cheating.


They are the ones who will shamelessly call their husbands’ side chickens to threaten them to leave their baby husbands alone.

They are the ones who will beg, cry, grovel before husband man can peruse their oil rigs for two minutes thrice a year because he’s busy with peperempes.

These women are the ones who can’t even tell their husbands that they are hurting, they would rather come on social media to ask strangers how to deal with the men they married.

Some of these women are not permitted to talk, get angry or even react when they are provoked by their husbands. It is an abomination for them to air their feelings.

Yet these same women think they have the right to tell strangers how to live their lives because they are not married. They call them incomplete.

They demand to be called aunty by unmarried ladies even if they are mates because they are married to heartless and absentee husbands.

Single ladies can be truly happy. Married women can be extremely miserable. Marriage with the wrong man doesn’t bring any kind of happiness.

If you are happy in your marriage, good for you. Leave single ladies alone to find their own happiness. Let them define what happiness means to them.

Your truth is not their truth. Their lives as unmarried ladies is not your business. Focus on yourself and stop telling them how to live their lives.

As for their happiness, they determine what makes them happy and you have no say in the matter.

So, zip it. Face your horsebands please and stop disturbing our ears with your fake tales of happiness when you are dying gradually.

Can a single lady be happy with her life, yes? Can a single lady live a fulfilled life, yes? Are some single ladies happy being unmarried, yes? Can a lady be single and happy, oh yes!


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