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Why are Nigerians so concerned about a woman’s vagina?


Why are Nigerians always so concerned about a woman’s vagina and who she fucked, is fucking or wants to fuck?

A woman leaves a marriage and vagina police start stalking her, pointing imaginary torches and trying to find out who she’s shagging.

A woman’s husband dies and Nigerians expect her to seal up her pleasure place because women aren’t supposed to enjoy sex.

You talk about sex as a woman, people start calling you names. They insist you don’t have home training.

You say the sexual position you love, that makes you see tiny stars, Nigerians start binding and casting your sexual urges.

Why are Nigerians concerned about a woman’s vagina activities

You tell your fellow women how much you love sex, they look at you as if you are mad and then start avoiding you because they are holy.

This pretence about something as beautiful as sex is what is killing many women. They are sex starved but they won’t dare tell their men. Good girls don’t do that.

They pretend they don’t like sex so that their fake good girl status won’t be questioned. You are doing yourself not me.


Some women take it a notch higher by refusing to moan or show their men during sex how much they are enjoying the pounding.

They wear this veil of deceit for years because they don’t want this society to judge them through the stories of their vaginas.

Sex is the sweetest thing in this world after money, so why shouldn’t Nigerian women fuck in peace, moan in peace and enjoy orgasms in peace?

I hope every woman is having a vagina blast because there’s no orgasm in the grave. You have all the time now, so have great sex.

Have sex. Enjoy sex. Ask for more. Tell him how you want it. Moan. Scream. By all means, have great sex and you will always be happy. Sex leave you happy. I know this.

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  2. Jijah says

    There’s no orgasm in the grave. True that!

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