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A man without a means of livelihood is not husband material


A man without any means of livelihood is not that you should marry. Such men are not husband materials.

Don’t put yourself in trouble by claiming that your marriage will open financial doors for you. It’s like you want to condemn yourself to a life of suffering.

Some couples are going through untold hardship because they didn’t plan for life after marriage. They were busy building castles in the air and banking on other people’s money.

It is appalling that some couples are having sex and producing children that they are unable to cater for because they felt family members would always give them money.

Are these family members money doyblers or what? Or don’t they have their own bills to pay and children to take care of? Did you consult these family members before bringing in an innocent child into this world?

Why should two adults have sex and make babies without thinking of how they would take care of their child? Is that not the height of foolishness and irresponsibility? Why do people do this?

A man without a means of livelihood is not husband material

A man who hopes to support his family someday should have some plans on how to do that. He shouldn’t be singing ‘God will favour us’ all the time without working to make money.

A man planning to get married and start a family should have something doing and not bank on other people’s money. He shouldn’t feel entitled to other people’s money too.


Young lady, if the man you are dating doesn’t have any idea what he wants to do with his life and is not making efforts to improve, then it is best to get off that relationship train.

Why should you be planning a future with a man without a means of livelihood? How are you both going to feed ,clothe, pay rent, pay bills, buy food and support yourselves before you start throwing children into the mix?

Young lady, if he doesn’t know where he’s going or how your future together would be, why does he have to carry you along? Are you both on a mission to nowhere?

Stop allowing your desperation for marriage cloud your sense of reasoning. Stop dating boys who don’t have any means of livelihood and are counting millions with their mouths without working to earn thousands sef.

Ladies, stop giving birth to children you can’t raise because you think marrying a man without a means of livelihood is having faith. Faith is not foolishness and lack of planning. Be wise!


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