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Why do Nigerian women give up so much for men?


Why do women give up so much for men and relationships? Why do women give up things that matter most to them because they want to keep men in their lives?

Why do women give up their dreams, desires, aspirations and future because some man threatened to leave them if they dared to go for their dreams?

Why do women give up their families and friends just to please their men? A woman who has a family and friends who have supported almost all her life suddenly shuts these people out at the command of her husband or boyfriend or fiancee. So sad.

Why do women give up their hobbies and things that they love doing just to please the insecure men in their lives? Your man forbids you from being your true self and you claim it’s love. You are being abused.

Why do Nigerian women give up who they are for marriage?

It is no longer news that some women cut off their single friends who were their support when life’s challenges were tough because their husbands told them that they are new creatures and don’t need their single friends anymore.

The most annoying reason is that their single friends is jealous of them and might try to destroy their marriages. This hogwash is used to brainwash women into deserting good relationships in their lives.

What is it about men, relationships and marriages that make Nigerian women take leave of their senses?

Why does this society expect women to give up their dreams, jobs, businesses and friendships because of marriage?


Why do men and women expect women to keep their dreams and aspirations in the cupboard and build that of their men?

Why is it acceptable for women to do the impossible to support their men while these men loathe the success of their women?

Why do women willingly give up their individuality because of relationships and marriage? That’s the first sign of emotional and psychological abuse.

Dear Nigerian women, you are your own person. Your man is his own person. Stop giving up who you are, your dreams, families, friends and financial independence for men. It is wrong.




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  2. Stephen abuh says

    Men who hold the vievw that women should give up thire dreams & future for them belong to stone-age generation. They belong to the past & not to ready to make progress. They are distractions. Let’s we the progresives keep moving forward untill we hear thire distracting voice no more. Cheers.

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