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10 Sex Lies Men Tell Women All The Time


Most men tell women lies about their sexual prowess all the time. They lie about how they pleasure women during sex for different reasons. They lie to make themselves look good to get free sex from women or to make women feel better about hanging out with them.

This has been happening for a long time and some women have caught some of these guys whenever they lie about sex. Some ladies took time out to reveal some of the common sex lies men have told them just to have them get down with them. Some of these lies sound ridiculous, to say the least.

Jennifer: I usually last longer

Whenever a guy tells me I usually last longer, I know he’s lying. I know he’s trying to save face. I know he’s trying to convince himself that he didn’t do well and needed to last longer just to please me. It is one of the sex lies men tell women just to make themselves look like studs. Yinmu. I know he is more concerned about protecting his delicate male ego. I told him not to worry and encouraged him to do better next time. We cuddled for a while and went to see a movie afterwards. This lie sha.

Margaret: I can’t orgasm wearing a condom

This lie is the father of lies, na dem. The guy who tried this lie with me didn’t expect what I did next. I got up, got dressed and left the hotel room. How do women believe lies and endanger their lives by having unprotected sex with different men who refuse to wear condoms?

Apart from a genuine latex allergy, men can orgasm with a condom on. And even if the guy you are about to have sex with has an allergy, there are alternatives he can choose from without insisting on doing skin-to-skin.

Oluwatoyin: I won’t touch you, we will just sleep


I recently met this guy at the wedding reception of my colleague. We were attracted to each other and started chatting immediately. Weeks after, we went out clubbing. We didn’t leave the club on time and he suggested that I spend time with him in his apartment instead of going home at an odd hour. I felt uncomfortable immediately. I told him that even though we get along so well, I wasn’t ready to have sex with him just yet. He promised that he won’t touch me because he was tired and needed to sleep.

But when we got to his house, he showed me his true colours. He wanted to have sex with me and I refused. Having learnt self defense skills as a young child, I defended myself. He wanted to use this old format to get me into bed where he hopes I won’t be able to resist giving in to his charms. After that experience, I never visit a guy alone no matter who he is. You can’t really trust them when it comes to sex.

Chinenye: I fantasize only about you

One thing with guys lying about sex and sex issues is that they think women are naïve. They lie so much that you begin to wonder why they do so. Such guys who tell ladies that they fantasize only about her think the lady doesn’t know it’s impossible for a man to fantasize only about one woman.

One guy told me this in the past and I blatantly told him to stop lying to me. This is a guy who stares at ladies with massive boobs and backside even when we are together and he thinks he can fool me by lying about fantasizing only about me. Men and women fantasize about people other than their partner now and then while they are actually having sex with them.

Blessing: I can tell if a woman has reached orgasm

When a guy boldly lies to you that he can tell when a woman has reached orgasm, just know that he is trying to speak highly of his perceived sexual ability to make a woman cum. This is why many ladies fake orgasm just to boost their men’s ego. I know some ladies who haven’t experienced orgasms who keep lying to their boyfriends and these guys believe them because they are lying too about knowing when a woman has had an orgasm.

When it comes to female orgasm, the only person who knows whether she reached orgasm or not is the woman in question. There is no magic sign that gives women away for guys to know when a woman has climaxed. This lie is so funny.

Doris: I got tested for STDs a few months ago

The first time a guy told me this lie, I laughed so much that he became embarrassed. I don’t know why some guys think women don’t have sense or they can easily be deceived. I always carry a condom with men whenever I want to visit a guy I really like. I can’t have sex with some random guy without a condom.

Even if you got tested a few months ago, I am not going to put my health on the line like that because I have to take your word for it. How do I know what you have been up to since then? How does he know what the kind of women he has slept with have been up to?

Abisoye: This has never happened before

Months after my boyfriend and I met in the University, we agreed to have sex. But I was disappointed when his manhood refused to get hard. It was flaccid all through. We kissed, touched each other but the rod just refused to be erect. It was an awkward situation. He kept assuring me that what happened was strange and that it had never happened to him before.

I knew he was just trying to save face because his manhood didn’t do what he wanted it to do and get an erection when needed. The funny aspect of that encounter was that he started making it look as if it was my fault that his staff didn’t get erect. He told me that I didn’t know how to work on a man’s body. I felt bad but later on, I discovered that he had problem getting erect and what happened that day wasn’t my fault.

Ifeyinwa: You are the best woman I have been with

The day my boyfriend told me I am the best woman he has been with, I felt good. I felt on top of the world. I felt so special. Weeks later, I overheard him telling his cousin that I was inexperienced sexually and he was beginning to get frustrated with me.

I felt terrible. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. I didn’t know how I got home from his place that day. I was crying so much that I was quaking with emotions. I hate being lied to. I felt like an idiot.

I didn’t confront him about what he said but our relationship wasn’t the same anymore. We broke up afterwards. I told him why I became indifferent to him after we broke up. He told me I overreacted because guys tell women the same thing even when it’s not true.

Danielle: Women don’t have to enjoy sex

This lie threw me off the first time I heard it. My ex boyfriend told me that I didn’t need to climax because women don’t have to enjoy sex. He said that women only have sex to procreate. I thanked my stars that I didn’t marry such an archaic and wicked fellow. I would have been a frustrated married woman because of lack of sexual satisfaction.

Cynthia: One guy told me he hardly masturbates

One guy who is always talking about using soap to masturbate whenever he comments on pictures of different girls on facebook told me recently that he hardly masturbates. I almost fell on the floor laughing. I asked him if he thought he was talking to a little girl who would believe that lie. It is a known fact that many guys masturbate at least once a day just to let off steam.

I don’t know why he had to lie about it. He thought saying that would make me fall for him and agree to have sex. I told him it’s weird that he doesn’t masturbate since he was still in his twenties. He kept quiet. I made up my mind not to chat with him anymore. Such guys can raise the dead with lies.



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