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Women, don’t allow people shame you with aging


Dear women, don’t allow anyone shame you with aging. Long life is a privilege not many people enjoy. So, don’t feel ashamed about aging.

I laugh whenever an average Nigerian male mocks a woman with getting old as if aging is a curse or something to be dreaded by women.

When someone posts a picture of a beautiful and hot woman in her 50s or 60s, some nitwits will start masturbating about how money is the reason the woman still looks good at her age.

Others will start asking silly questions whether the poster is sure the woman is up to that age. Then the silly talk about how a woman is like a flower that blooms in the morning and fades in the evening will start pouring in.

Aging is for male and female but misogynists will try to use aging to shame women. They will claim that because they have penises, they are better than women as they can have any woman they want at any age.

Don’t allow anyone shame you with aging

Two weeks ago, I was adjusting my hair and touching up my make up when a colleague said “Kate, 40 years from now, no man will look at you again because your beauty would have faded. Men won’t desire to have sex with you anymore. You will be replaced by small, energetic girls.”

People around laughed. I smiled. I knew I wouldn’t allow one man who probably lasts 50 seconds during sex throw such jibes at me and go scot free.

I told him that 40 years from now, he would be so useless that even the penis he is counting on won’t work for 2 minutes without drugs. I said it was a pity that he would have to pay girls to help him cum.


Everywhere went quiet. The same people who laughed earlier lost their voices. I wonder why they didn’t find my response funny like they found his tasteless comment.

You can’t shame me with getting old. God knows I will enjoy myself till I breathe my last but no man will make me feel like I have died while I am still alive.

So women, live your life. There’s nothing wrong with aging. Enjoy every stage of your life and if anybody wants to shame you with aging, remind them that long life is a privilege.


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