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Your test will become a huge testimony says Toke Makinwa


Toke Makinwa has a heartfelt message for strong and beautiful women who may be going through tough times.

She is assuring them that no matter how tired they are sometimes, that they have all it takes to succeed in life.

According to Toke Makinwa:

To every strong, beautiful woman out there, sometimes it gets tough being you. I know you tired sometimes but you’ve got this.

With all the adversity, you grow. With all the pain; you gain. It may not look like it now but one day you will look back and bless God for that season, your test will become a huge testimony.”

To all the strong women out there

Life is not fair, we always say this but it is the reality. Sometimes, you just feel like a failure because things are not working out despite all your efforts.

I have been in situations that I thought there was no way out but with time, I have come to understand the concept of times and seasons.

If you truly understand that nothing good comes easy, you will understand what Toke Makinwa is saying. Seasons come and they go but they teach us what we need to know.


It may be hard now, but things have a way of falling into place. You don’t have to give up even if they don’t see a way out. Keep going.

Life is not for the faint hearted. Learn to push through your pain. Your light must shine so bright that the reflection will brighten the path of others in darkness and bring glory to God.

You have to be strong. You have to remain focused. You have to stop seeing yourself as a failure. You have to remain positive through your dark and tough moments.

You have to be strong enough to refuse to give up when life throws curveballs on your path. Dear woman, be strong. You will overcome your trials and come out stronger. Believe!


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