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10 habits that can kill romance in relationships


No matter how much you love your partner; there are some habits that can kill romance in your relationship if you are not careful.

Beside the fact that routine kills relationships, refusing to give up annoying habits that put off your partner can ruin your romance.

Romance is an emotional feeling of love for someone or a strong attraction you feel towards another person. The importance of romance in a relationship cannot be overemphasized.

It is easy to fall in love and start a relationship. But the real hard work is sustaining this relationship over a period of time.

I laugh when some people claim that romance is for small children who are just starting life. These same people will complain when their wives or girlfriends abandon them for men they feel are lesser than them because these men know the true meaning of romance.

You are not too old for romance. Romance is for the young and old. You feel good when you engage in romantic gestures with the one you love and cherish their presence.

So, romance is to be enjoyed by men and women who truly want to enjoy their relationships.

Even though the honeymoon stage doesn’t last forever, but that doesn’t mean the romance can’t stay alive throughout the course of your relationship.


How to keep romance alive in a long-term relationship is a question many couples have, and it will require a little extra effort on their part to keep things alive.

That’s why couples should be aware of some seemingly small habits that may affect romance in their relationships.

Here are 10 habits that can kill romance in a relationship:

*You are constantly trying to change your man

You are not perfect and your man is not perfect either. You are aware that nobody is perfect, but you take things too far by constantly trying to change your partner. You criticize almost everything from what he wears or how he styles his hair, to how he does things and your obvious disapproval will only make him start to resent you.

*Playing with your phone

Staring at your phone often is one of the habits that can kill romance in relationships. It’s tempting to want to unwind and scroll through social media almost all the time, but if you are not giving your partner your full attention, you will look less interested to them and they might soon stop trying to talk with you.

Habits that kill romance in relationships

*You keep score of wrongs

You will ruin what you and your partner if you keep score of wrongs. Your relationships should be about compromise and understanding, not a competition of collating wrong doings. Counting the number of times your man has made mistakes and trying to even the score isn’t exactly a healthy thing to do if you want to sustain your romance.

*You don’t feel secure all the time

An insecure partner is a ticking time bomb. Constant feeling of insecurity kills romance. If you or your partner are not feeling secure in the relationship, take a second to evaluate whether either of you have been going out of your way to tell your partner how you feel.

*Constantly monitoring your man

Ladies, it’s a relationship not a prison house. A relationship shouldn’t be where one person looses their freedom to live their own lives and do what they want. You wouldn’t like it when someone’s poking around in your business, so don’t do the same. Spying on your partner can create trust issues which will kill romance.

 *Fighting over small things

What kills a relationship, picking small fights unnecessarily? The longer you and your partner have been together, the more tempting it is to point out his or her weaknesses almost all the time. The need to work everything out or be perfect at all times is not good for a romantic relationship.

*Disrespecting your partner

Disrespecting your partner, refusing to listen to their views on certain issues and treating them like they don’t have sense kills romance. You have no business being in a relationship with someone you don’t respect.

*Comparing your man to others

Do you tell your present guy that you wish he was like your ex in certain areas? That is not right. You have a new man in your life for a reason. And while your ex may have done things differently, reminding your current partner about it doesn’t really help. He might feel like a constant disappointment and will all together stop trying to keep things spicy in your relationship.

*Not spending time apart

Staying passionate in relationships doesn’t require that you spend all your time together. Demanding your partner’s constant attention, not building other relationships with friends and family plus extreme possessiveness are toxic to romance.

*Lack of intimacy

Intimacy and sex are important aspects of a relationship. When a lack of intimacy creeps up on a seemingly romantic couple, things will definitely take a turn for the worse. Couples who don’t take intimacy serious in their relationships won’t be able to sustain their romance.

By being mindful of these habits, couples can ensure the spark remains in their relationships while keeping happy and healthy relationships.


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