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Ladies, fighting for male acceptance will waste your youth


Honestly, the best piece of advice one can give to young ladies still trying to figure life out today is to completely ignore men.

This is not teaching them to hate men or treat them with disdain, it is teaching them how to put their goals and dreams before any relationship.

This should be drummed into young ladies heads seriously. The lives of many young ladies have been destroyed by men they trusted and were willing to do anything for.

These days, young ladies should be educated on how to pursue their dreams and make money instead of running after men who sometimes just want to play with them.

Young ladies should stop fighting for male acceptance

Ladies, ignore men’s judgment of you. Don’t pay attention to the worthless things they say to you just to break you because they know you won’t give in to their schemes.

They might tell you that you are being too hard and will end up alone but this is what these guys tell focused ladies to distract them from their life’s goals.

Ignore their insincere compliments and putting down of other girls just to make you feel special.

Ignore their half romance. Many of these guys who pretend to be romantic just want to have sex and move on to the next girl.


Young lady, focus on developing yourself. Practice your art, do sports, write articles, draw, make dresses.

Lady, learn new things, study new courses, volunteer somewhere, go out with friends, but don’t put substantial efforts into pleasing men.

They will there for you to pursue when the time comes and if you want to. But don’t forget that nothing will waste your youth more than fighting for male acceptance.

We have to teach young ladies how to be deliberate about their lives, relationships, dreams, goals and finances.

Women should focus more on building themselves rather than building men.

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