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10 types of people every woman who wants to live a good should avoid


As a woman who wants to live a good life, you should avoid certain people. These people are not good for your mental health and emotional well being.

Sometimes, when I hear some women complain about how they are treated by the people in the lives, I wonder why they still tolerate such people and continue to endure their abuse.

What kind of people should you avoid? You should stay away from negative people. If you love your sanity as a Nigerian woman, avoid these types of people:

1. Avoid people who never admit they are wrong when they hurt you but try to make their actions like your fault.

2. Avoid people who always have something negative to say about your life and dreams.

10 types of people every woman should avoid

3. Avoid people who gossip about other people’s lives. They will gossip about you too.

4. Avoid people who feel sad when things are going well for you but pretend to care when you are down.

5. Avoid people who see no good in you and amplify your weaknesses. They will always make you doubt yourself.


6. Avoid people who are envious of you, your life, your blessings, your achievements and your relationships.

7. Avoid people who criticize your decisions, moves and plans without offering better alternatives.

8. Stay away from people who always encourage you to tolerate abuse in your relationships. They won’t die with you if that violent man finally kills you.

9. Woman, stay away from anyone who doesn’t want you to be financially empowered. They don’t want you to live a good life.

10. If you want to live a good life, stay away from anyone who belittles your efforts and makes you look like you are not doing enough to better your life.

Nigerian women, there you have it. Don’t joke with your peace and sanity. It doesn’t make sense to be around people who make you feel less about who you are and how you are living your life.

Choose the people who should be around you wisely because they will not only motivate you to achieve your dreams, but will share a strong bond with you as you go through life.

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