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The sad reality of many Nigerian women in relationships


The sad reality of many Nigerian women is the inability to say no to the demands of the men they are either dating or married to because they don’t want to lose these men.

This is why it is common to hear “I am a virgin and want to have sex on my wedding night but my boyfriend is pestering me for sex, what do I do?”

If you don’t want to have sex, tell him no and stand by it. There shouldn’t be any middle ground when it comes to what you want as a woman.

You shouldn’t do something you don’t want to do because you want to please a man and because you don’t want to lose him.

Gosh, ladies should grow some balls and stop allowing men toss them from one side of life to another. State your stand clearly and firmly.

Nigerian women should learn how to say no

You don’t need to entertain a man who doesn’t respect you, your feelings, your decisions and your body. If he wants sex badly, let him go and look for it elsewhere.

Sometimes, when I read some posts from some ladies about displeasing themselves and going against their values just to please the men in their lives, I get angry.

When I hear ” I don’t want to have another child but my husband wants me to have more children and I have to please him so that he won’t marry another wife”, I become weak.


When I hear “My husband is a chronic cheat but I don’t deny him sex so that he doesn’t go outside again or bring the women home”, I want to scream.

Woman, what happened to what you want as a human being or are you not important? Why must you live your life at the whims and caprices of another human being especially one who doesn’t care about you?

Nigerian women should learn how to put themselves first and stop this nonsense of doing the unimaginable just to please the selfish and irresponsible men in their lives.

Nigerian women should learn how to say no and not feel guilty about it. They should stop being victims of the many demands of these selfish men.


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