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“Feminists are disobeying God and deceiving women”


When we talk about equality, some patriarchy princesses in Nigeria will start saying feminists are disobeying God and deceiving women.

I don’t know where it is written in the Bible which they claim to read that men are superior to women or that men can treat women like doormats because of their gender.

These women who make excuses for wicked, irresponsible and patriarchal men don’t have superior arguments to present whenever the topic of gender equality comes up.

They go: “Men are heads, women are necks that turn the heads. Women are home makers, men are providers. Women should be submissive no matter how badly behaved their men are and no matter how horribly they treat them.”

Feminists are disobeying God and destroying marriages

These women turn a blind eye to many issues of gender inequality plaguing this society because they want to be accepted by men. I laugh.

These men that they desperately try to earn their love and companionship will still mess them up. This is because society has taught these men that women are inferior to them and they must whip women into submission.

It is funny that when some of these necks are suffering from domestic violence or sexual harassment, they run to feminists for help. They start playing the ‘you are a woman like me card’ so that they can get the assistance they need.

This is a conversation I had with one of those patriarchy princesses who believe feminism is destroying marriages:


Sensible human: Marriage is not a reward for good behaviour. Stop telling women to be good so that men will marry them.

Patriarchy princess: A woman must have good behaviour. No man wants to marry a woman with a bad character. Women should be meek and humble.

Me: Why should only women be meek and humble? Are men allergic to having good character? No sane woman wants to marry a badly behaved man.

Partriachy princess: Stop teaching women to rub shoulders with men. Men are heads, women are necks. Men are leaders. God made it so.

Me: Speak for yourself. Women are no necks. They have good heads sitting on their shoulders. If you are neck, good for you. Don’t generalize.

Patriarchy princess: Are you a feminist? You sound like them. You people are disobeying God and deceiving women. That’s why divorce rates are high. Come back to God.

Me: Nonsense and badly behaved leaders and foolish necks turning empty heads.”

If feminism is destroying marriages then maybe we should look at the kind of marriages many women are in. If the marriage is one where a woman is subjugated and treated like a second class citizen, should the marriage still stand?

We should answer this question truthfully.

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