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People that send friend requests to other people’s partners on Facebook do so out out of aproko


A Facebook user, Jus Teena said that people who send friend requests to their Facebook friends partners, spouses and family members on Facebook do so out of akproko, amebo or the need to get close to them.

According to her, it doesn’t make sense to add up people’s family members and partners because they were tagged on some posts.

She noted that the people who do this just try to follow up on other people’s private matters and not because they want to learn something good or because they are happy with love stories.

While I have read about some dubious people adding up other people’s spouses and partners just to bad mouth them and cause misunderstandings in their relationships, I don’t agree with shielding one’s partner from other people.

If your spouse believes what other people tells him about you, it means something is not right with your relationship. It means there’s no trust in your relationship. You shouldn’t be shielding an adult from other people. You will wear yourself out.


People that send friend requests to other people’s partners on Facebook do so out out of aproko

Anyway back to the post I saw on Facebook on yesterday, read it and tell me what you think:

“People that send friend requests to other people’s partners or family members on Facebook because their friend tagged them, do so out out of aproko, amebo and/or the need to get closer to them.


I promise you, they do not want to learn anything. They just want to follow up with your partner and family. Facebook is not like Instagram where you can follow from a distance.

On Facebook, friendship is a lot closer.
I’m always surprised when I see my friends in one circle commenting on the posts of another friend in another circle. I know that I was the link.

You liked his/her post that I shared so you added them up. This one does not vex me but yes, I’ll be very vexed when I see one Facebook friend suddenly commenting on my Boo, sibling or mom’s posts few days after I tagged or mentioned them.

It isn’t insecurity. I don’t think you will snatch them from me. I am just amazed by your amebo level and it is enough to block you from my list and theirs. Let amebo not kill you in this life.


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  2. Ebube says

    😂 ‘amebo level’

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