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20 qualities of an awakened woman Nigerian men don’t like

An awakened woman is a treasure

What is the meaning of an awakened woman?

1. An awakened woman is liberated and unconventional.

2. An awakened woman is strong, enlightened, courageous and intelligent.


3. She’s an unusual woman because she doesn’t live to please society.

4. She’s one who refuses to be tied down by societal approval and expectations.

5. She’s free, confident and her own woman.

6. She has learned to fight and survive on her own.

7. She’s charming and enticing to those who can handle her fiery spirit and free soul.

8. She dazzles with her intelligence. She enchants with her exuberance.

9. She leaves you in awe with her soulful connections and captivating personality.

10. She loves freely and unconditionally. She’s not afraid to express her feelings.

An awakened woman is a treasure

11. She doesn’t have regrets. She learns from her mistakes and moves on.

12. Her vision is unique and magnificent. Her life is an adventure.

13. Her relationships are real and genuine. Fake people stand no chance with her.

14. She is not held back by religion or dance to the tune of oppressive cultures.

15. She’s like a wild fire because she lives life on her terms.

16. Nothing can stop her from shining so brightly like the fire in her soul.

17. She will not prescribe to old notions of sex roles and gender conformity.

18. She embraces herself spirit, soul and body. She knows who she is and what she wants.

19. Loving an awakened woman means understanding that she’s a woman who is complete in herself.

20. If you choose to love an awakened woman, know that she won’t dumb down herself just to feed your over bloated ego.

This woman doesn’t need you to make her complete but she expects you to treat her with respect because she wants you in her life.

Dating an awakened woman is not what many Nigerian men are used to. They call her complex and complicated because she is not one to be tossed around or manipulated to endure bad relationships.

Written By

I am a woman who is passionate about empowering other women to live their best lives and be free from unhealthy societal expectations. I'm a journalist and a columnist with a reputable media house. I educate, inspire and encourage women to embrace their uniqueness fully. I am a mother to an intelligent girl. I love perfumes.


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