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I love sex so much, I can’t stay long without it actress Ebun Hodo reveals


Nollywood actress, Ebun Hodo has said she loves sex so much, she can’t stay long without it.

Speaking in a recent interview with Inside Nollywood, she said: “I really do love sex and I can’t stay long without it. But it all depends. The most important thing is having that someone that knows how to do it very well. Then you long for that person, miss him and have it with him whenever you guys meet. Actually, I can’t stay days, months without sex.”

Knowing how hypocritical Nigerians are about women being expressive about their sex lives, they will tear her to shreds. They will insult even her shadow for daring to say she enjoys sex.

Trust the association of Nigerian virtuous woman who bind their sexual urges to reprimand her for saying she can’t stay days and months without sex. These women amuse me.

The funny thing is that the same women who pretend about sex, pretend about not enjoying sex and admonish other women to stop complaining about enjoying sex with their husbands get angry when DNA is mentioned in their presence. Why?

Nigerian women should stop deceiving themselves when it comes to talking about sex, demanding that their men sexually pleasure them and enjoying orgasms. Sex is sweet.

The ones I can’t stand are the religious people who judge women for having sex but make excuses for men who do the same thing. These confused humans claim that women should be morally upright. I wonder why men should be morally bankrupt.


The question is how long should a woman stay without sex? It all depends on the individual involved. Every woman is different when it comes to having sex. While some women can go months without sex, others can’t control their sexual urges for weeks.


It’s a pity that some Nigerian women haven’t enjoyed sex in she’s and that’s why they are always angry. Some married women don’t even know what orgasms means because they haven’t experienced it with their husbands.

Why do we need sex? As sexual beings, we need sex to experience pleasure, relieve stress, exercise, satisfy sexual curiosity, or to stay attracted to the other person. Some people need sex to have a baby, improve social status, keep a partner hooked or exact revenge on another person. Others have sex because of love, commitment, obligation, gratitude and to get something.

If you don’t have sex for a long time, your body suffers for it. Lack of sex causes increased anxiety, depression, and trouble sleeping.

Lack of physical intimacy can also lead to touch starvation, which can contribute to loneliness, isolation, and even compromise your immune system.

Dear Nigerian women, have safe sex. It is your right to enjoy sex with your spouses and partners. Don’t be ashamed to talk about sex and tell your partner what he’s not doing right.

Enjoying orgasms should be in the constitution. Depriving yourself of sex because you want to be seen and hailed a good girl is a waste of time. There’s no sex in the after life.


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