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Jason Njoku apologizes to Ndi Igbo after they saved his app from bad reviews


Jason Njoku has apologized to Igbo people for a comment he made in the past after they rallied around to save his app from being taken down by Google.


Some Northern youths had allegedly mobilise to report Jason Njoku’s iROKO TV app after Google deleted Adamu Garba’s Crowwe from Play Store.

A post shared via a popular Northern account blamed the removal of Adamu Garba’s app on Igbos, claiming that Igbos are responsible for the horrible reviews the Crowwe app received.  They then called on Northern youths to storm Jason Njoku’s app with bad reviews as vengeance.

Soon, the bad reviews began pouring in and Igbos rallied round to counter them with positive reviews.

Some Igbo people pointed out that Joson Njoku had degraded the Igbo language months ago and asked if he deserved loyalty from Igbos.


Jason has now reacted, apologizing to Igbos and thanking them for their support.

He tweeted: “The last few days has renewed my faith in Nigeria. I know the support wasn’t just about @irokotv but more broadly about self determination, press freedoms & a collective yearning for (Nigeria) to be a great secure & happy nation. North/South I truly believe we all want that #KeepitOn.

“Separately I want to take the opportunity to apologize to Ndi Igbo for my glib, immature and unnecessarily hurtful comments a few years back. I am Igbo, I don’t think I would ever nor ever attempted to deny that (all my kids bear solidly Igbo names which I personally chose).

“Nonetheless I 100% let you all down and hope with time I can make amends and be forgiven. It was stupid and I am truly sorry. Whatever I write (and tweet) reflects on our entire culture and I dropped the ball on this one. Sorry.

“Thanking everyone everywhere  for the last few days. I won’t forget it.”

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