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Court Orders Tasha K To Remove Defamatory Posts About Cardi B


Cardi B just received a win in her ongoing legal battle against YouTube vlogger and social media personality Tasha K.

On April 4, the presiding judge over the case ordered Tasha K to take down over 20 defamatory videos she posted about the “Up” rapper.

The YouTuber is also now banned “from ever posting again about the rapper on a range of specific subjects” relating to the lies she told on Cardi, Billboard reports.

The judge’s ruling comes after Cardi and her attorneys legally requested in March that a permanent injunction be placed on Tasha K, which would oblige the vlogger to remove her defamatory posts on the rapper and ban the YouTuber from reposting them.

As Cardi and her lawyers then argued, Tasha K admitted that she knowingly spewed lies about Cardi in some of her videos, including that the rapper cheated on her husband, had used cocaine, was a prostitute, had STIs and several other untruths.

A jury found Tasha K guilty of defamation of character, an invasion of privacy through portrayal in a false light and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Cardi won her federal defamation case against Tasha K in January, and was ultimately awarded $4 million in damages and attorney fees by the courts to be paid by the vlogger. Even still, the “Money” rapper’s contentious legal battle against the online star continues.


Born Latasha Kebe, Tasha K has been vocal about her dedication to spending “as many years” as needed to protect the “right to voice our opinions” — which she argues is a part of free speech.

The YouTuber also blatantly stated she doesn’t have the money necessary to pay Cardi what she owes, and she filed an appeal to overturn the case’s judgment in late March.

As of the case’s latest ruling, Tasha K has five days to remove all the defamatory posts she shared about Cardi. However, if the vlogger wins her appeal, she’ll be able to file for a modification to her injunction and possibly repost her videos containing false statements about Cardi if she chooses to, according to TMZ.


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