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Woman Refuses To Help Bankrupt Religious Parents Who Disowned Her 9 Years Ago


The relationship built with the parents in childhood significantly influences a child’s future.

A cold and neglectful growing-up environment influences the impalpable development of coping mechanisms that help control painful or difficult emotions experienced in childhood.

Yet, sometimes traumatic experiences help a child grow into a strong and independent adult. But does the pain ever goes away? Do you turn the other cheek [Matthew 5:39] to someone who abandoned you when you needed them the most?

They say the parents will love their children either way. After all, blood is thicker than water, right? Well, this was not exactly the case for Reddit user u/Born-Problem-8280.

The daughter, who is now a full-grown woman, was disowned by her parents 9 years ago because she became a stripper to make money.

OP (Original Poster) felt guilty for refusing to help her parents when they were desperate for financial aid and were suffering from serious medical conditions.

The woman turned to the popular Am I The Asshole (AITA) subreddit and asked fellow Redditors if she was in the right for doing so.



You might think that the daughter must help her parents in need, but the story is more twisted than it may appear.

The OP got disowned by her religious parents 9 years ago because she became a stripper when they stopped paying for her college tuition

The parents insisted that the woman goes to a Christian college, but she went to a regular college instead.

Her parents refused to pay for her schooling until she “came back to the right path,” so she joined a strip club to pay for her expenses

The OP earned great money dancing, but as soon as her parents found out, they disowned her

9 years later, the OP is now well settled and doing great financially. She was earning enough money to take care of herself and secure her future financially.

OP’s parents went through bankruptcy and turned to their daughter for financial support despite disowning her 9 years ago but she refused to help them. She wants them to stay out of her life like they kicked her out of theirs years before.

She said that her uncles and aunties weighed into the family feud and told her that she must help her bankrupt parents. According to her, extended family also contacted her, but she gave them a taste of their own medicine.

Redditors’ opinions were pretty unanimous, and they have shown great support to the OP and told her that her reaction was valid.


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