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10 Things You Should Know About Dating Someone Born In October


Anyone dating an October born is very lucky. They are sweet lovers. They know how to make their lovers feel good. They are designed for love. They breathe love and are affectionate souls.

Below are 10 things you should expect when dating someone born in October:

1. They are romantic lovers

October borns are romantically inclined. They are great with romance. They shower their lovers with sweet talks. They pay attention to little details that make their lovers feel loved. They seem to never run out of romantic gestures. October born people add love to everything.

2. They value relationships

People born in October place a high value on their relationships. They do not joke with their partners. They do not tolerate any ill talk concerning their lovers. They love so much and they do not want anything bad to happen to whoever they are dating. They always want to make them happy.

3. They can be a little flirty

October borns can be a little flirty. They are natural flirts when with their partner. They do what they are comfortable with. They are romantic and flirtatious. They love to play with their partner. They are happiest when having fun with their partner. They love to go places and have unique experiences together with their lover.


4. They are good communicators

October born people are good communicators. They can speak their minds out and get their message passed across. They can get anyone to understand their plight and see reasons with them. They can use words effectively to gain the results they need.

Dating October Born

5. They have an easy going attitude

October borns are easy going. They are calm and peaceful. They hate to argue. They do not like being in conflict with someone. They can find common ground with anybody. In a relationship, they will make sure to plead with their partner even if they were right. They allow peace to reign.

6. They are beautiful and sexy

People born in the month of October are beautiful. They are lovely to look at. They have exquisite looks that can distract anyone. They are sexy individuals and can keep their lovers hooked with this natural charm. They are super cute lovers.

7. They are unpredictable and full of surprises

October borns are unpredictable. Their partner may not be able to predict their next move or what they may be up to. While they may not be secretive, they are sure to be up to many unknown things. They are full of surprises. They are sure to have something up their sleeves.

8. They are level headed

People born in October are level headed people. They can make good judges. They can maintain good balance and harmony between two sides in a difficult situation. They are cool enough to understand everybody’s pain concerning a particular matter. They strive to find a way to make everyone happy at the end of the day.

9. They desire comfort

October borns desire to be comfortable in life. As much as they may be understanding, they secretly crave for a better life. They love to acquire good things. While dating, they love being given treats. They seek a life full of enjoyment. They crave luxury and comfort.

10. They get hurt quickly but recover easily

While dating, people born in October born can easily get hurt because they have a fragile heart. They do not like being heartbroken. They guard their heart from hurt. October borns also recover from hurt easily. When they get hurt, they tend to get over it pretty fast. They forget that they have been hurt and find it easy to move on.


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