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Bride goes viral for donning her natural gray hair on her wedding day


Several weeks after her wedding, one bride went viral with her gorgeous gray hair.

Kadeja Jackson Baker was the star of a behind-the-scenes bridal glam TikTok videos by Miami-based destination makeup artist Tia Codrington.

In the video, Baker is seen getting makeup applied to her face while she has her gray strands pin-curled up and away from her face.

“I loved my bride’s natural gray hair. She’s had it since she was 16,” Codrington captioned the clip.

Immediately after posting, Codrington’s post took off and has received over 1 million views with hundreds of people chiming in not only on how beautiful Jackson looked for her wedding, but also on how amazing her gray hair is.

Kadeja Jackson Baker

“I initially didn’t have any expectations when posting the videos other than to share her beauty through my eyes, but witnessing how she embraced and embodied the beauty of her hair was something I felt compelled to share,” Codrington told “Good Morning America.”

She added, “It was amazing to know that she had options to change her hair color or try something different for that day, but chose to be herself and wear her natural hair color.”


Kadeja Jackson Baker, who was not on any social media platforms before her wedding planning process, told “GMA” she was honestly “shocked” at all the attention her video received. She said it was overwhelming “in a good way.”

“I did not expect for the responses to be as plentiful as I look at myself in the mirror every day and did not think it was that big of a deal that I was embracing my natural hair and look,” she said.

After spending long hours planning and designing her custom-made J. Del Olmo wedding dress, Kadeja Jackson Baker explained she wanted her bridal glam to be a true reflection of her personality and style, but with a more glamourous approach.

Styled by bridal hair specialist Martine Saintval, Baker decided to go with an old Hollywood glam pinup look that included soft waves and complimented her wedding look. To give herself a second look for the reception, she let her hair down for a long luxurious beach wave look.


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