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Nigerian man called out for abandoning pregnant wife and moving in with an event planner


A guy named Shedrack has been called out for abandoning his expectant wife and moving in with the wedding planner who organized their wedding.

The family predicament was shared on Facebook by a young lady identified as Ella.

She accused Shedrack of be@ting his pregnant wife at the slightest provocation and having extramarital affairs with other women.

She shared lengthy details which included proof of the abuse the wife suffered and his numerous affairs.

In her words;

“I fear who no fear women sha READ!!!
(Man marry wife event planner wey be wife friend corner the man)
Odiegwu oo READ TO THE END!!!
This man in the picture below pushed his pregnant wife out of the house to travel to there place to give birth that he was traveling to Abj, after the wife refused he ordered taxi and sent boys to pack her things out and pushed her away, only for the lady in the picture below to pack in immediately the wife left, the lady which is an event planner,the lady has been in the picture since the did there engagement and got married, she was also the third party in there marriage, he didn’t even come visit the son when he was born, he came days later or even tried to check up on the pregnant wife, she was in labour pains alone and he couldn’t pick his video calls to see his son just because he was with the event planner by name Stella, while the man’s name Shedrack.

The man be@ts up his pregnant wife at the slightest of her mentioning the ladies name to the extent she was admitted to the hospital for three days because her water broke at 8 months, which she survived. And on several occasions, he be@t up his wife to the extent of breaking phones he bought for her and seizing them.

He stopped funding the wife and kept sending money to the event planner, always going out with the event planner, never went out with the wife and kept denying he didn’t have anything to do with her, video shows the lady, and proof that the man and the event planner are together, as well as bank statement of some money sent to the lady in August.

Few days after the boy was born, the man told his wife he’s no longer interested in the marriage, he’s not marrying again, and as we speak, both parties are about to separate because the wife said she can’t force things since the man has made his decision.


The man is a womanizer who doesn’t tell his wife where he goes and sleeps out without saying or coming back home. He can’t video call the wife because he is always with a woman.

EVENT PLANNER WEY DEY PLAN SNATCH PEOPLE HUSBAND (DULCECAKESANDEVENTS) (35 years old Lady f00l) and worst of all, this man (Cashmere exchange) in the picture is 27 years old without a single atom of brain.

Poor f00l that had no clothes, no house, one slippers, no parents and still the wife stayed till he made little money and then decided to misbehave. Starting from the day he engaged the wife, he would have just canceled everything if he wasn’t interested at first not until after their marriage’ STπPID PEOPLE”


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