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IVD returns to Instagram, makes suicide threats over inability to see his kids


Ikechukwu Ogbonna, popularly known as IVD, celebrity auto-dealer and husband of late Bimbo Martins has threatened to commit suicide over his inability to see his children.

The embattled father of five, revealed via his Instagram story that he has been ostracized from his kids.

He expressed how sad he is, that he hasn’t seen his boy and daughters for about a month and a week.

IVD threatened to commit suicide if he isn’t given access to his kids.

For him, losing wife and kids has emptied him, hence the decision to take his life, since his world revolve around them.

“Not seen my mods, my girls for a month and 1 week now, after hours if I don’t speak or hear from kids, I am taking my life. My life is empty without my wife and kids, why am I still living, it’s time to end it all”.

IVD and late wife saga

The couple made headlines last month when Bimbo and her husband got into a scuffle and she reportedly set herself abl@ze in the process at their home in Lekki, Lagos.


According to a video which went viral on different social media platforms, Bimbo was rushed to the hospital while her husband who sustained minor injuries allegedly absconded.

Bimbo Ogbonna was in the Intensive Care Unit of a Lagos hospital for some days but unfortunately gave up the ghost on  Saturday October 15th.

It was alleged that Bimbo had been suffering domestic violence in her marriage for many years and refused the help of family and friends who wanted her to leave the toxic and abusive relationship she had with Ikechukwu Ogbonna.

After Bimbo’s death, some of her WhatsApp chats showed how she was the force behind the success and prosperity of her husband but he repaid her by cheating on her continuously and subjected her to constant abuse.

The chats of the deceased Abimbola Ogbonna further revealed that she has been trying to divorce IVD while noting that he called her mother names and got physical with her for trying to talk some sense into him before the last incident that claimed her life.


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