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“Cheating is not a deal breaker for me, my father had 27 wives” –Yeni Kuti says 


Nigerian Dancer and daughter of late Afro-beat legend Fela KutiYeni Kuti, has stated that cheating is not her deal breaker in a marriage.

Speaking on TVC, the 61-year-old noted that she wouldn’t end things with her partner if she discovered him cheating with another woman. According to her, her father, the late Fela Kuti, had 27 wives, and her mother didn’t leave her marriage.

She noted, however, that her deal-breaker is finding out her partner is sleeping with another man.

She said:

“For me cheating is not a deal breaker. My father had 27 wives, my mother didn’t go. I am not saying she was happy, but she didn’t leave. My own deal breaker is if I find out my own partner is sleeping with another man. That is my deal breaker. I will run, they wouldn’t even beg me. I will run”.

Yeni Kuti

Yeni Kuti revealed that she used to be addicted to smoking. She disclosed this in an interview with The Sun, stating that the thought of not being alive to see her daughter, Rolari, graduate from the university motivated her to stop her need to get a fix.

She said she decided to put an end to her urges when she started having chest pain, which seemed to be life threatening to her.

Omoyeni ‘Yeni’ Anikulapo-Kuti (also known as YK, born 24 May 1961, England, United Kingdom) is a dancer, singer and descendant of the Ransome-Kuti family. Her grandmother was Nigerian women’s rights activist Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti.


Born in England, Yeni Kuti is the first child of afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti and a British mother. She completed her basic and secondary education in Nigeria after leaving the United Kingdom at the age of two.

She holds a diploma in journalism from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism. In 1986, she joined Femi’s band as a singer and dancer after dropping her job as a fashion designer.

Yeni Kuti currently serves as a co-manager of the New Afrika Shrine alongside her brother Femi Kuti.


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