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Mixed reactions as mother lays curses on her daughter for getting married without informing her (video) 


A heartbroken mother has heaped heavy curses on her daughter for getting married in a Catholic church without her consent.

It appears her daughter tied the knot with her partner without informing her mother.

In a viral video that has elicited mixed reactions from netizens, the woman is seen hurling curses at her daughter in Igbo language.

Although it’s still unclear why the daughter got married without her mother’s knowledge, the clip has sparked varying reactions from social media users.

While some argued that the daughter was wrong to marry without her mother’s consent and blessing, others berated the mother’s reaction to the situation.

Reacting an Instagram user @gungirl001 wrote, “This curses just proves why she needs to stay away from you  Omo!”

@wendy_adamma, “Nothing will happen to her in Jesus name. I guess it’s obvious why she didn’t inform you.”

@v_toria122, “Mother laying a curse on her own daughter shows why she got married without telling u. Any curse from father or mother or because of what they’ve done in the past will not have effect on us ijn”.


@fantasma______, “If her reasons are selfish your curse might work but if her reasons are genuine. Mama leave all this ur curse e no fit work. You can’t expect to be useless to a person all in the name of being a parent and expect them to treat you well when you didn’t treat them well. But if you have treated her well and she did this. You don’t even need to curse her. Automatically she is already cursed. Hold your peace!”

@kimorahherbalshop, “Nothing will happen to that child. What’s the love of a mother? To love and cherish your child irrespective of whatever they do. To guide and protect and support. May I never be this kind of mother.”

@bennythetailor said: “Every child wants their parents blessings to start a beautiful marriage and happy home. For her to get married in a Catholic church, there’s more to this story. The Catholic church have their doctrines and rules to be followed before one can get married in the church. There’s something the woman is not telling us.


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