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“My wife is submissive because I don’t cheat, I pay the bills and make sure she has money in her purse” – Singer Chris Perry 


American singer and author, Chris Perry, has taken to social media to reveal the reasons why his wife, Brittany Spero, is submissive to him.

Perry, in a post shared via his Instagram page with over seven hundred thousand followers, revealed that he does things that makes his wife willingly submit to him.

According to the bestselling author who has two kids with his wife, he pays the bills, doesn’t cheat on his wife, provides for her even though she has her own source of income, apologizes when he is wrong, and takes her on vacation.

He clarified that his wife is submissive not because he doesn’t gaslight her and because he sets the tone that compels her to be submissive.

Sharing a photo with his wife, Chris Perry wrote:

“Y’all wonder why my woman is so submissive?? Because I LEAD THE WAY & SET THE TONE,”

“I book flights, fix things around the house, pay bills, make sure she has money in her purse even though she has her own. I get her stuff she likes, take her all around the globe! I don’t cheat. I make her feel like she doesn’t have a thing to worry about because I’m around. I listen to her, I apologize when I’m wrong and don’t gaslight her. I LEAD by example! THAT’S why she’s submissive, take notes…and she is an ALPHA female, she isn’t a gullible woman! I just do what I’m supposed to do as a man!”


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