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“You have failed as a man if your wife feels more comfortable and happy in her father’s house than in your house” 


A Nigerian woman, identified as Tokoni Gloria, has sparked a debate on social media after telling men that they have failed if their wives feel more comfortable and happy in their father’s house than in their own.

Tokoni took to Facebook to share this opinion on Tuesday, May 2. According to her, a man has failed in his duty as a husband if his home is not a safe and comfortable haven for his wife, compared to her father’s house.

“As a husband, if your wife feel comfortable and happy in her father’s house more than in your house, you have failed as a MAN,” she wrote.


Her post has sparked mixed reactions online as some netizens agreed with her, while others criticized her stance, stating that it puts too much pressure on husbands.

@kobokomaster_comedian wrote, “Make una kuku kill man make man finally rest abegggg”

@njelwears wrote, “Oga no place like home. Each time I’m in my family house, I’m always been pampered. There is this relaxation you feel. Forget talk.”

@cypretty7 wrote, “Exactly  perfectly said I use to laugh when some men will be like if their wife do any how they will sent them back to their fathers house, but what they don’t know is that some of the women fathers house are more comfortable and more peaceful than their so called house , if no be love way they carry some women go where them no no , I wonder wetin some women they find for some men house all cos they don’t deserve the stress”


@mheenarh__ wrote, “What happened to being comfortable in both? No place like home oh”


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