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Fans React as Hilda Baci Gives Testimony in Church Over 100hr Cooking Feat


Hilda Baci, popular and trending Nigerian chef, caused a stir online after she went to church on Sunday, May 21, to thank God for allowing her to cook for over 100 hours.

In a viral video, Hilda Baci, sitting on the altar, thanked God for the serenity she experienced while cooking.

The young lady stated that no amount of publicity from her team could have given her the affection she had.

Hilda Baci attributed her success in breaking the cooking record entirely to God. Hilda’s Instagram stories captured the moment churchgoers yelled as she approached the altar.

Many Nigerians who reacted to her testimony video on social media, praised her for dressing decently following the backlash which trailed her choice of outfits at recent events.

@AridunnuFunmi said:

“Only God deserve all the praises.”

@jack11ug said:


“It was not easy but u made it at last.”

 @nagash_OG said:

“It’s incredible! No bathroom breaks?”

@Adejoh Samuel said:
“Climbing the altar with all those pictures online. Thank God she finally gave her life to Christ.”

@David Salako said:
“The pastor suppose dey give her word of advice, dey counsel her. It is not only in church you behave and dress properly. The pastor shouldn’t encourage such. Otherwise, he’s a fake pastor.”

@Patrick Owoicho said:
“She should continue dressing decent like this and be a positive influence instead of going almost naked in the name of fashion. God bless her.”


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