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Da’Naia Jackson Reveals Her Ex-Husband Derrick Jaxn Slept With Nearly 100 Women Since They Started Dating 


Da’ Naia Jackson is opening up about all of the cheating that happened throughout her marriage, admitting the lengths she went to in order to study the women her ex-husband cheated with.

Jackson recently sat down for a tell-all interview with Laterras R. Whitfield of the Dear Future Wifey Podcast, where she revealed that she knew the bodies of the women her ex-husband, Derrick Jaxn, cheated with more than she knew her own.

Back in December, the relationship coach announced that he and his wife were getting a divorce. This came about a year after he was exposed for cheating on her, but at the time, she decided to stand by her husband despite him admitting to being unfaithful.

Now, Da’Naia has revealed that she knew several of the other women’s bodies better than her own, often studying them and comparing them to herself.

Da' Naia Jackson

“I went in such a deep hole where I was like studying these women. I would go to their profiles, and I would study their pages and like what they wear,” she said. “I knew when they had met up. I watched their videos of them having s€x, so I would try to imitate that and recreate that in our relationship so that he could choose me.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Da’Naia goes way back to when she and Derrick first started dating at Tuskegee University, saying that she would look through his phone and watch videos of him sleeping with other women.

“I literally watched it. And, so, that was soul-crushing at that time,” she admitted. “This was well before we were married, but I’ve seen it multiple times, multiple girls…this was just in college, we are not even talking about marriage.”

Jackson also revealed that she wasn’t prepared to leave when she would find out about his infidelity during their marriage, pretending she was crying about something else when her husband discovered her in distress.

“I would sit in closets and I would cry, but be in there wanting him to find me in the closet crying. And when he would come and find me in the closet crying, then I would say, ‘Oh, I’m just crying because I miss my dad,’” she explained.


“I would always blame it on something else. But it’s really because I just sat here and watched you have s€x with [redacted name] or [redacted name] or [redacted name].”


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