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“6 failed IVFs in UK, tried once in Nigeria and got triplets” – 54-year-old woman recounts


After six unsuccessful IVF attempts in the United Kingdom, UK, a 54-year-old woman has expressed her happiness after giving birth to triplets in Nigeria.

Funmi Edeni, a 54-year-old lady, has been identified as the person who posted the video on her Tiktok page. She claims that after the sixth attempt at IVF in the UK failed, she was told to travel to Nigeria and try the IVF clinics there.

The woman claimed that she followed the advice given to her and traveled to Nigeria to complete the seventh IVF, which was a success. She mentioned welcoming a set of triplets in her video.

She said on TikTok: “I came all the way from UK to have my 7th IVF done. I have done six in the UK. Then I was told that I should try Nigeria, that they are very good in Nigeria. I came to Nigeria for my IVF and it was a success.”

In a related news, after waiting 12 years without having children of their own, a Nigerian couple recently testified to God’s kindness in their lives after welcoming a set of triplets.

The couple, who had been praying to God for a child of their own, received three children—two boys and a girl.

On the triplets’ first birthday, Thursday, June 15, 2023, the man’s older sister, Dr. Ada Ujaligwa, announced their blessing.

She posted some sweet images from the triplets’ first birthday celebration.


Ada Ujaligwa wrote:

“I have a GREAT TESTIMONY to give before the congregation of God’s people on my wall. I am in tears. This is my triplet. The first set of triplets in my whole family. I waited for one year to share them with you.

They were born 15th June 2022 to my gorgeous younger brother and his wonderful wife after 12 years of marriage and so many tears of TTC. Both families supporting the couple in every way. And last year it pleased God to bless them with 3 beautiful children…. Not 1, not 2 but 3. Not all boys, not all girls but 2 whole boys and 1 whole girl.


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