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Woman Born With 2 Uteruses Is Pregnant In Both Wombs


An Alabama mother with two uteruses beat unbelievable odds this year when she fell pregnant with a baby in each womb.

Kelsey Hatcher considers herself a lucky woman. At 32, she has three healthy children with a rare set of twins on the way. She was 17 when she learned she was born with two uteruses, but the anomaly never made her pregnancies less than typical—until now.

During each pregnancy, Kelsey always considered her chances of carrying in both wombs, though she never truly thought it was a possibility. When she was having a routine eight-week sonogram for her current pregnancy, she nonchalantly informed the technician she had two uteruses, just in case it wasn’t on her chart. The tech scanned over to check it out, and Kelsey saw it.

“She didn’t even have a chance to speak before I blurted out, ‘Oh my goodness, there is another one!’” she remembered.

Kelsey Hatcher

Only about 0.3% of women are born with two uteruses, which is also known as uterus didelphys. The chances of conceiving a child in both is 1 in 50 million. So Kelsey Hatcher essentially won the lottery twice. When doctors confirmed the improbable news, she was so “shocked” that she could only laugh.

For the lack of an assigned medical term, the babies, both girls, are being considered fraternal twins. And fortunately, Kelsey hasn’t had any complications. Carrying two babies in two separate wombs isn’t much different from carrying two in one uterus.

The excited mother is in her third trimester today, and she’s expecting to have a natural birth. If she doesn’t go into spontaneous labor by December 22nd, her doctors will induce her.


“I’ve been extremely blessed and grateful,” Kelsey gushed. “I’ve carried all three of my previous babies to full term, two of the three even to 41 weeks. I have complete faith that this delivery will be great and will continue to beat the odds.”


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