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“Funding a man for 6 years and 3 weeks is no beans” Anita Joseph slams critic over comment about her marriage


Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has slammed a critic for assuming she feeds and controls her husband, MC Fish because of her celebrity status.

“When the woman is the one funding the man why him no go loyal”.

Replying, Anita Joseph hit back at her as she stressed how hardworking her husband is despite her status.

Anita stated that funding a man for 6 years and 3 weeks isn’t easy as she noted how many men are still disloyal to the women who cater to their needs.

“This imp stoped this in my Timeline. Only if you know how hard my husband works, gigs every day na we dey reject jobs, ejukwa Lu’s se.

Funding a man for 6yrs and 3 weeks is no beans kupulu m aka. And e get who you go find wey still no go loyal or even get sense.

If you say I dey feed my husband no problem I agree why are you now bothered, non**key fund your own na if e too easy aramashiogri!!! Shalom”.

Anita Joseph


Recently, Anita Joseph had addressed those saying she is controlling her husband, MC Fish.

The movie star who is married to a younger boo, via her Instagram page, reacted to the reports that she caged her man.

Shutting it down, Anita stated that such reports are already too old now, hence, they should use something else.

Sending them a message, she told them to also cage their husbands and see where it would end. Anita added that many of them can’t keep a man for two weeks.

Funny enough, she’s not the only celebrity who has been accused of controlling her husband.


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