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“I didn’t attend my own wedding” – Lady pays back lover four years after he abandoned her with pregnancy 


A TikTok user @jessicatreats1996 has shared how she got revenge on her ex-boyfriend who abandoned her while she was two weeks pregnant.

Four years later, he returned to seek her forgiveness and she claimed to have forgiven him. Meanwhile, she had a serious plan to disgrace him.

On their wedding day, she unintentionally went for another event and abandoned him at the hall with his guests and family in attendance.

She said:

“After leaving me with two weeks pregnancy. He came back 4yrs later and asked for forgiveness, and I said I’ve forgiven him. And he proposed to me and I accepted.

“Today na our wedding, Na so I carry myself go one owambe. Him generation come dey call me, see as I dey laugh their stupidity, heaven go far from una.”

Reacting to the video, many netizens praised her for the revenge while some others criticized her action.

@Onyinyechi Happiness said: “Sisterhood is proud of you. In our next meeting you will be in the VIP.”


@Chika Joy said: “This breakfast took 4yrs to cook, well-done sis the sisterhood is super proud of you.”

@Yhukky reacted: “I can imagine the shame that will be on their faces.”

@chydinma reacted: “We truly appreciate your efforts.”


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