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“Free Chioma, she is in an abusive relationship” Anita Brown tells Davido, recounts their encounter in Dubai


Anita Brown, a US-based entrepreneur and alleged pregnant side chick of singer, Davido has accused him of being a woman be@ter.


In a series of posts on her Instagram story, she shared screenshots of past news that alleged that Davido was always be@ting Chioma and had chased her out of their Banana Island mansion.

Anita claimed that Davido is a woman be@ter, a liar, a manipulator, and a control freak.






She claimed that Chioma is in an abusive relationship and is being physically and mentally abused by the singer.



Anita recounted how she met Chioma in 2017 at Nikki Beach in Dubai. At that time, Chioma was a side chick and had taken him away from his baby mother.



“It’s sad ’cause he’s really a woman beater for real. I should have already known since he’s a liar, manipulator, and control freak. FREE CHIOMA!!! FREE CHIOMA!!! Out I’d that abusive relationship! Physically abusive and mentally abusive and he truly DOESN’T CARE.”


“How you be@t up your “wife” well at the time girlfriend mercilessly over a so-called “side chick” that you really wanted to be main chick. DISGUSTING.”



“Let’s really get into how we BOTH (Chioma) was dealing since 2017. She was at the table when we were smoking hookah and hanging out at Nikki Beach in Dubai! You were OUTSIDE OUTSIDE! And you was a SIDE CHICK! SHE took him from another baby’s mother! So why y’all do pressed?”

“Narcissist & womanizer! FREE CHIOMA. I WOULD NEVER WANT TO HAVE THAT ABUSIVE POSITION! I have real strength! Picture a man kicking me out our crib for another “side chick” or girlfriend.”



“Free Chioma from that evil wicked man who doesn’t care about you or your deceased child everything is for maintaining his image. You are just an ornament, a puppet, a prop! & That’s not cool.”





Free Chioma




Free Chioma


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