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Mr. Akor Philip Paul addresses investors amidst Beningnant Forte investment alleged crash


Mr. Akor Philip Paul has addressed investors as the rumour regarding the alleged crash of Beningnant Forte investment platform. He assured them that everyone will get their capital back.

Akor Philip Paul wrote:


This phase is one we must go through to come out better. It’s the toughest test of will to succeed and I know it would come with so much in form of attacks and attempts at harm.

Please be consoled in six things;

1. Everyone shall get their Capital back stage by stage and please we need your cooperation and I’m aware this would be a difficult commodity to ask for now but please.

2. Please know that together we nurtured Benignant Forte Nig Ltd together and we would whether this period together and transparency is what we’d always bring on this route.


3. So many are already angry but please don’t bring harm to any one please for we are committed to make do our declaration.

4. Don’t bring harm to my colleagues, our brand ambassadors or supporters and those who have openly supported this brand. We have the wherewithal to repay capital back and the appeal is for you to watch us make do our commitment through the period stated in this pamphlet.

5. Please and please same cooperation you’ve given us: extend it to this period let’s get this phase done with. What’s on our table isn’t much as we’ve not collected so much. Please allow us go through this phase.

6. Some group shall receive their capital from tonight into tomorrow morning – we’d slate a schedule and update you always.

Its with a heavy heart and a wearied soul I am saying please cooperate with us through this period. Together as a team – we’d always win..


In another post, Akor Philip Paul said:


There’s no amount of explanation I’d give to change how we all feel. It doesn’t sound well presently if I say this is the best way to go. Please we all should be calm and let’s dispense capitals back step by step.

Don’t threaten anyone please; I understand conversation about money. Those who know know we did our best. Please let’s be calm that’s the only way we’d pass this phase together.

If I do a video now and you all see my health condition, you’d conclude I’m looking for pity. Please let’s be calm.

Don’t hurt or threaten anyone please. Don’t threaten anyone through whom you knew us. This battle is for all of us. I’d tell you, please believe in investments (I know what I’m saying because of all I’ve seen).

There’s a higher conspiracy that I’d not talk about here so we can all be at peace and consistently pay back capitals. This step we took – shall lead us all into good. Let’s please be calm.

Please be calm I am pleading to you all!

Benignant Forte Nig Ltd has Haulage, Pharmaceutical, Logistics and Farms. Please I’m pleading.”


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