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Why Do Some Women’s Underwear Have That Little ‘Pocket’ In The Middle?


While it’s a common struggle for many women to find dresses with usable pockets, it’s quite the opposite regarding underwear. It seems like every pair has its own little pocket in the crotch area.

But what exactly is the purpose of this petite pocket, and could it be a substitute for the pockets in outerwear?

It’s not big enough to hold many items, and sitting comfortably with something stored in there is a logistical challenge. So, what’s the story behind this curious feature?

To clarify, the little pocket in the crotch of women’s underwear is not intended for storage or cosmetic purposes. Nor is it an added safety feature in case of a wardrobe mishap. This hidden feature actually has a specific name – it’s called the gusset.

So what does this pocket in women’s underwear actually do?

The gusset was designed to enhance comfort and durability in underwear while also promoting hygiene for women. Women’s underwear is often crafted from synthetic materials, such as lace, which, while visually cute, lacks breathability. This limited ventilation can lead to a mass of sweat and bacteria within your undergarments, a less-than-desirable situation.

However, gussets, which are typically made from cotton – a breathable, non-synthetic fabric – play a vital role in holding dryness and proper aeration in that region. The gusset not only promotes hygiene but also reduces the risk of discomforting conditions like yeast infections and urinary tract infections by improving the breathability of your panties.



Furthermore, gussets offer an added benefit. Given that synthetic materials are not always the most comfortable – consider the potential itchiness of bare lace against sensitive skin. Gussets provide a soft and cozy medium for your intimate areas, guarding them against friction.

Even if your luxurious, synthetic underwear comes fitted with gussets, the wisest choice remains good old-fashioned cotton undergarments. While the gusseted area may offer some gain, overall breathability is vital.

This emphasis on breathability becomes even more critical for those with active lifestyles. If you anticipate any level of physical activity leading to sweat, it’s advisable to steer clear of synthetic materials. This means opting for cotton when running or hitting the gym unless you are willing to risk inflammation or infection.

This is especially crucial for individuals susceptible to bacterial concerns in that region. While cotton panties may not exude the same allure as lacy Victoria’s Secret lingerie, they undoubtedly offer more comfort and peace of mind than the prospect of a yeast infection.

Changing your underwear daily is essential. Regardless of the fabric or the presence of a pocket, recycling unwashed panties can lead to the accumulation of bacteria and sweat, which is a situation to be avoided by all women.


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