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Mum pregnant with her 17th baby just two months after giving birth to her last child


A mum who got pregnant with her 17th baby just two months after giving birth to her 16th child will give birth very soon.

Nancy’s family will once again have a new member and she and her hubby couldn’t be happier.

The American mum has 16 little ones at the moment, but little Beckett, who was the latest to join the family, won’t be the youngest for much longer.

Nancy is due to give birth to another baby boy in just a few weeks, meaning she will have nine boys and eight girls in total.

She posts about her huge family on YouTube where her channel Real Mom Real Solutions has over 44k subscribers. Nancy often gets asked why has so many children and has a very simple answer.

Honestly, I have the same question back to them – I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t want so many kids.”

She added: “I have 16, almost 17, different children and every one of them is so different from the other one.



There’s so much joy and so, they’re my life. I just can’t imagine life without any of them,” she shared in a video about her expanding brood.

Nancy shared: “I look at my baby and I just think, ‘Would I want another one of him? Absolutely’.”

Nancy also revealed what baby Beckett is like. “He is the cutest, most joyful baby ever. He’s a very curious baby, he loves playing with toys.”

Because the family keep growing in size, they have had to renovate their house. This includes remodelling their office space to make room.

But with that said, the couple have also built ‘an amazing playhouse’ with a slide in the garden, which the children absolutely love.

The mum said that wherever the family goes to the supermarket and buys essentials ‘everyone is always so surprised’.

She recalled some of the hilarious and curious conversations she has with her fellow shoppers, including: “What are you stocking up for? The year?”

Nancy would reply: “No, just a week.”


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