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“Every man you meet nowadays wants to take you to bed on the first day” – Woman shares dating experience


A young Nigerian lady has lamented about the poor state of the dating pool and how men only want to sleep with women without commitment.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the lamentation of a lady who has had a terrible experience with men.

According to the lady, most men who come her way demand sex almost immediately after the first date even after obvious lies about being intentional about their feelings.

She added that commitment in relationships and intention for marriage seem to have been a thing of the past in this generation.

“Am I going crazy? What is happening to this world? Every man you meet wants to have sex with you. Is this only happening to me? At this point, I am so mentally drained and weak.

Before, men come with relationship, but right now, they are not coming for relationship. You meet someone today and the next thing, they are asking for a date and later to their hotel room for sex.

If you go to these men’s house and go to their house, they won’t even sleep and if you refuse, they will send you out in the middle of the night,” she said in part.


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