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Man who ‘can’t satisfy wife’ asks if he should let her sleep with another man to help marriage


A concerned husband has turned to a relationship guru for advice about whether he should agree to his wife sleeping with another man to satisfy her s€xual needs.

The man, who has kept his identity a secret, wrote in to the ‘Dear Abby’ advice column in the New York Post after he began experiencing relationship struggles.

Explaining that he’d been lucky to have 30 years of marriage to the ‘most amazing woman’, the man said he is not in the same ‘kind of shape’ as his wife, who became a personal trainer after they tied the knot.

While his wife is in ‘incredible shape’, the man indicated he struggled to keep up with her as he ‘can’t perform too well sexually’.

He’s previously tried using medication for erectile dysfunction, but still wasn’t able to perform as well as he’d have liked.

In his letter, the man explained that his wife recently asked if she could have her ‘s€xual needs taken care of’ by a younger client she trains at her job.


While even the thought of your partner getting intimate with another person would be too much for some people, the man revealed he was ‘okay’ with the idea.


He explained: “I’m sympathetic to her desires, as long as she doesn’t fall in love.”

However, he turned to guru Abby to ask her thoughts, pointing out he ‘wants what’s best for [his wife]’.

After hearing the man’s concerns, Abby responded to admit that she wasn’t entirely comfortable with ‘blessing’ the extramarital relationship.

She wrote: “The three of you are adults and capable of making your own decisions, but I am hesitant to bless this because it is so risky.”

The relationship advisor warned the man to make sure he and his wife were on the same page about the new relationship would look like, saying he should ‘make sure to iron out all of the variables that may occur’.

“She might fall in love with her client; he may fall in love with her. (Or not.),” Abby continued.

“If he decides to move on, what will the effect be on her and you? Before you agree to this arrangement, think long and hard.”


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