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“Any man who nears you will d#e” Israel lays a heavy curse on estranged wife, Sheila Courage


Some Instagram users were shocked while others were amused at the recent outburst of Israel DMW, directed at his estranged wife, Sheila Courage.

Taking to his Instagram story, Israel DMW unleashed a torrent of curses and accusations against Sheila, marking a new low in their public marital fallout.

In a series of heated posts, Israel DMW declared that any man who approaches or has anything to do with his ex-wife Sheila would face an untimely demise, unless he didn’t complete the “bride price.” He asserted that his Edo heritage empowered these curses.

His rant didn’t stop there. He lashed out at her culinary skills, calling her cooking “total rubbish,” and criticized her for being dirty and disrespectful.


Interestingly, he admitted that Sheila was exceptionally skilled in makeup, even though he accused her of being a habitual liar.

This online saga traces back to August when Sheila hinted at their separation by removing their pictures from her social media. Three months later, Israel shared his perspective, revealing his discontent with their marriage. He claimed that despite meeting Sheila Courage as a Virgin, it didn’t assure that there was peace in his home.

Israel also accused Sheila of being materialistic, highlighting the expenses he bore for her, like iPhones, wigs, and bags. He revealed Sheila’s desire for him to distance from Davido, the famous musician, and establish his independence. Also, Israel accused Sheila Courage of using him to gain fame and influence.


Sheila Courage, not staying silent, shared her side. She claimed her advice for Israel to invest and not just follow Davido was well-intentioned. She accused Israel of physical and emotional abuse, adding that he insulted her and her parents, was possessive, and restricted her freedom. Her decision to leave, she explained, was due to a buildup of issues.

Israel and Sheila Courage have both laid bare their grievances, painting a picture of a troubled marriage that couldn’t withstand the pressures of fame, influence, and personal differences.

As followers and fans watch this drama unfold, some people have pitched their support tents with either Israel or Sheila.


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