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Nigerian man laments as lover shows off her culinary skills, cooks half-done chicken for him


A Nigerian man living in the UK caused a stir on social media when he uploaded a picture of a half-cooked chicken prepared by his British lover.

The post showed a partially cooked chicken on the table with oil on its body.

The caption read: “This British girl wants to kill me… Is there any single fellow in Leeds?” This sparked different reactions from social media users as the man revealed that his lover was trying to feed him bad food.

He also mentioned his intention to break up with her and search for a better girl.

Social media users flooded the comment section to drop their thoughts on the post.


See some reactions below:

@data_whipper: “Baba Dey chop live chicken.”


@khaddeejah_: “Giver her ring and Pick wedding date already please.”

@chef_yinda: “This one doesn’t know how to cook ni o, cuz there is nothing like ‘condition’ for chicken unlike steak, it’s either cooked or not…loro kan, this one na raw meat…run o.”

@dreynow_:Teach her how you want it. Most of them are eager to learn new things to please men. So I heard.”

@omoba_sa: “My guy , show for my side tomorrow. Boys Dey turn up.”

@Amaka said: “I don’t know why some ladies are so shameless to exhibit their lack of cooking skills in their relationships. Even if you weren’t taught how to cook, learn it so that you can take care of your man.

@Joshua98 wrote: “Ladies these days are very lazy. They don’t know how to cook good foods to keep their men glued to them. The way to a man’s heart still remains his stomach. If you take care of your man’s stomach, you will move heaven and earth for you. This is a secret our mothers knew and practiced.”

@Localbabe said: “God knows my boyfriend will enjoy life because of the different delicacies I will be cooking for him. Look at this fine man that ended up with a woman who can’t cook. Too bad.”

@Duchess said: “Why can’t he cook something better for himself? What happened to his hands? After shaming her cooked food online, will he still continue dating her?”


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