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‘I’m 24 and in love with a 56-year-old ‘sugar daddy’ – people are cruel but we know we’re soulmates after four years together


An Australian couple with a 32 year age gap have opened up about how they met – and turn a blind eye to the haters and strangers who ask if they are ‘related’.

Scarlet, 24, and Scott, 56, have been dating for nearly four years and say while they are not perfect – they are perfect together.

‘We really don’t pay much attention to other people – we focus on each other. If someone comes up and presumes we are related, we just try laugh it off,’ Scarlet told FEMAIL.

Before they met, Scott was going through a divorce and was ready to give up on love.

In a TikTok video, the FIFO worker explained he turned to ‘sugar daddy’ websites and sought to ‘make an arrangement’. But things took an unexpected turn and the pair fell in love instead.

‘I  have never been in this for any financial gain at any time. It’s always been about support, mentoring, company, unconditional friendship, and true feelings,’ Scarlet told FEMAIL.

Together the couple, from Perth, have helped each other through tough times and mental health struggles.

‘I had just come out of a marriage was struggling with being overwhelmed by loneliness, which triggered anxieties. Scarlet has a massive heart and is very empathetic so we started talking,’ Scott said.



Scarlet said when coping with her own struggles, Scott was the ‘only one who truly supported her’.

Many have criticized the pair and claimed they wouldn’t have any common interests due to their age gap – which Scarlet slammed as ‘ridiculous’.

‘Good music is good music, a great movie is a great movie, interest are timeless,’ she said.

On TikTok under the moniker @agegap5ever the couple have spoken openly about their relationship.

Like any couple they have challenging days but the Scarlet said they ‘balance each other out’ and share the same life values.

‘We do we talk about a long happy future together all the time – we aren’t perfect but we are perfect together,’ Scarlet said.

They’ve also received mixed reactions from others about their age gap but choose to steer clear from responding to any negative comments.

‘We want to help people share a bit of joy, love give other people the same as us. We hope each time we go live [on TikTok] we want just one person to feel better about themselves,’ Scarlet said.


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