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O.J. SIMPSON REPORTEDLY HAS PROSTATE CANCER, and is undergoing Chemotherapy


O.J. Simpson is reportedly battling prostate cancer but he is somewhat pushing back that he’s in poor health even though he’s not necessarily denying that he’s been diagnosed.

The ex-con who was famously acquitted in his double murder trial in the ’90s, and who has maintained his innocence — was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer according to Local 10 News.

The publication cites sources for their reporting and they go on to say O.J. has been receiving chemotherapy in the area. Unclear when exactly he was given the bad news.

One other bizarre element about this report is that Local 10 News says they’re hearing O.J. has been going around and telling friends there are rumors about him going into hospice … something he’s apparently been denying to his closest pals.

O.J. Simpson

O.J. doubled down on that denial Friday on the heels of this report coming out — and while he is denying any notion of him being in hospice … nobody seems to be claiming that.

Again, O.J.’s not saying he doesn’t have cancer, but he is trying to make it seem like everything is just fine and dandy in his world — and that his focus is on the Super Bowl.

Here’s the weird thing about all this … O.J. appears to have already acknowledged that he has cancer and that he had done chemo. A video he posted in May 2023 — where he rambles — briefly touches on the fact that he “caught cancer,” without specifying what type but in the clip, he also suggested he’d beaten it and that he was doing just fine now.


The ex-RB talked about dropping weight during chemo and how weed helped him get his appetite back but this video seems to have completely flown under the radar at the time.

O.J. doesn’t have a clear history of health issues aside from arthritis and flare-ups of old injuries, but he has appeared to look somewhat frail in recent years as he goes around town.


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