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“Men shouldn’t be gynecologists” – Lady says as she shares disturbing chat with male gynecologist


A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to share her encounter with a male gynecologist who made a perverted comment about her body.



The lady, identified as @faree_for_real on Twitter (now X), shared her experience while wading into the trending discourse about why men shouldn’t be gynecologists.



Faree disclosed that prior to her PCOS diagnosis in 2022, she contacted the doctor to ask about the possible diagnosis for her medical condition as she wasn’t having regular periods despite not being pregnant.





In response, the doctor stated that he would assess her br€@sts and n!ppl€s as part of the medical examination. However, Faree found this offensive and expressed her displeasure with his statement.



Surprisingly, the gynecologist asked if she didn’t want him to touch her ‘fine b00bs,’ and added that she shouldn’t worry too much because he won’t ‘tap current’ from her body.



Sharing screenshots of the chat she had with the gynecologist in 2021, she wrote:

“Before getting diagnosed with PCOS in 2022, I was always looking for answers for what was wrong with me. Why wasn’t I seeing my period? So I used to ask my doctor friends for their opinions. Met this guy through a friend and he was disgusting to say the least.



I had a scan in LUTH in that same year. The doctor kept touching me inappropriately while scanning my belly. Men shouldn’t be gynecologists.”


















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