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“How my wife, who I married as a v.i.r.gin once complained that I wasn’t satisfying her in bed” -Israel DMW 


Israel DMW, the personal logistics manager to music star, Davido, has revealed how Sheila Courage once complained of his skills in bed.

While speaking with Daddy Freeze on his crashed marriage, he disclosed that he was shocked when Sheila, whom he married as a virgin, complained that he wasn’t satisfying her in bed.

“I was shocked the day my wife Sheila Courage told me face to face that I was not knacking her well”.

His revelation has left many divided as some stated that Sheila wasn’t a good wife and others defended Shela’s right to s€xual pleasure.

Elsewhere in the interview, Israel DMW disclosed how contrary to her statement that she had returned the bride price, she had only returned 1,000 Naira. He further disclosed that he had spent over 2 million Naira on her bride price and had only gotten 1,000 Naira.

Sheila Courage

He revealed that she had also sent the 1,000 Naira through an SMS text. Israel further stated how the bride price was supposed to be returned to his family because he had not been the one to personally pay for the bride price.

Recall that Israel took to social media to curse out any man who would attempt to go close to his ex-wife. He also revealed that her parents, especially her mother, had played a pivotal role in their marriage crisis.


At different times, Israel has come on Instagram to insult Sheila Courage’s family, especially her mom for being materialistic.

However, Sheila Courage came out on social media to also reveal that she had since returned the bride price, while also sharing an adorable video of herself and one of her closest friends, Ginika.

Responding to her claims that she had returned the bride price, Israel took to his Instagram story to announce that the bride price had not yet been returned.


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