Woman, stop trying to be like someone else

You wonder what makes me glow?

It’s not the clothes that I wear, not my jewelry, not my make up or my hair and certainly not my configuration.

I am much more than the eyes can see.

The most beautiful part of me is within me, my enchantment is in my mystique.

I exude responsible elegance, I am all woman and beautiful from head to soul.

You can say I am an urban angel made not born.

But what makes me so phenomenal? It’s my meek and gentle spirit.

I don’t have to nag or be jealous of others.

I don’t have to prove anything to anyone as I am not in competition with anyone.

My high self esteem is my pride.

My many works are proofs of my intelligence.

My relationships reveal how much I value love, life and true success.

I don’t have to be like anyone else to make a mark in my life.

I just have to be me and learn to be better.

I am a limited edition.

A perfectly crafted masterpiece released into this world to sparkle, shine and touch lives.

Being someone else is a waste of my beautiful, talented soul.

I complete the word woman.

I am a woman who strives to be her best and that’s what makes me so phenomenal.

Dear woman, be yourself.

Only then can you glow from the inside out.

Drop the unnecessary weights.

Drop the envy, embrace your sisters.

Work with them to achieve your own success.

The sky is wide enough for us all.

Great women don’t go about bringing other women down.

Only insecure girls do that.

If you know who you are, what you are worth and what lies ahead of you, there will be no room for envy.

So, live your life on your own terms.

Other women are different from you.

It doesn’t make them your enemies.

Glow on your own.

Own your place.

Work to make a name for yourself.

Success will come.

Woman, stop trying to be like someone else.


Woman. Journalist. Writer. Blogger. Non Conformist. Rebel. Daring. Creative. Amazing. Unstoppable.

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