10 questions nosy people should quit asking women

Dear nosy world people…

Even if you were not taught at home, teach yourself some manners.

1.Don’t ask a lady when she’s getting married or when you are coming to eat rice, especially if you are seeing her after a long time.

2. Don’t ask a woman when she’s going to have another child even when it’s clear she battling infertility. It’s demoralizing.

3. Don’t ask a woman when she’s going to have a boy if she has all girls. You don’t know what your questions can do to her emotionally and psychologically.

4. Don’t ask a woman when she’s going to lose some weight after having a baby or when she’s nursing one. Don’t be nosy.

5. Don’t ask a woman why she won’t settle for a rich man that will be shouldering her financial needs if you see her struggling financially.

Don’t be nosy

6. When you see a woman who has lost some weight, don’t ask her if her husband approves of her weight loss. What is your business? Are you her husband?

7. When you see a woman who has everything going for her financially and career wise, don’t ask her why she’s selective of suitors.

8. When a young lady celebrates her birthday, a business deal or a career promotion, don’t ask her when she will have a man to call her own.

9. Don’t ask a woman what she is doing furthering her education instead of getting married like her mates. Stop being nosy.

10. Don’t ask a woman why she didn’t marry her last boyfriend. Being nosy is not a virtue.

If you cannot be kind with your words, shut up. Being nosy won’t make your own challenges disappear.

Learn to mind your business instead of using words to tear others down.

You can help someone overcome their challenges without hurting them.

Don’t mistake being mean and insensitive for giving advice.

Don’t be a nosy person who focuses on other people’s lives.


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