Men, do you know your woman can replace you and easily too?

Dear men, your woman can replace you.

Some men make the mistake of thinking their women can’t replace them.

They treat their women like crap and expect them to continue putting up with their nonsense behaviour.

They even back up their irresponsible acts with Bible verses. It is annoying that these church goers don’t see the terrible things these women do to their wives.

When they get tired of doing that, they conveniently switch to culture and tradition just to continue maltreating their women. Such confused bunches.

Replace your man

But when a woman decides to take back her life and stop crying over her irresponsible husband, they start claiming she was cheating.

When she no longer jumps from church to mountain seeking help, she is seeing another man. That is when accusations start flying up and down like aimless eagles.

That is when every man who greets her or smiles at her is her lover. You people play too much. I don’t know why these men think they are ice cream or chocolate that can remain in a woman’s life forever.

Treat your woman the way you want to be treated. But when you decide not to be the man she wants, just have it at the back of your mind that you are very replaceable.

Your wife can replace you, you need to deal with it. If you don’t want to lose your wife to a better man, then treat her like a Queen.

She didn’t marry you to be mistreated. She didn’t marry you to be turned into a punching bag. She didn’t marry you to lose herself while trying to desperately hold on to you.

Your woman can replace you when you keep disrespecting her thinking no man will want her after being married to you and having children.

So men, think twice about treating your woman like a slave because she can replace you in a jiffy.


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  1. Helen says:

    No man is above replaceable.

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