Married woman in nude pics scandal on Facebook

A Facebook user is threatening to release the nude pictures of a married woman.

The Facebook user( names withheld) is sending messages to the Facebook friends of a married woman he met at Shoprite, Ibadan.

The married woman when contacted told Feminine World that she met this guy in Shoprite, Ibadan when she went to repair her laptop.

Nude pictures

She stated that he was friendly and they exchanged numbers. He started calling her demanding that they have an affair but she refused.

The woman said he sent her pictures of his penis and videos of him naked begging her to be his lover but she refused. She blocked him on Facebook.

But the guy in the centre of the storm countered her story and said they were lovers. He sent some of her nude pictures with her face showing to some of her Facebook friends and threatened to release the rest if she continues to lie about their relationship or continues threatening him.

The woman in question revealed that he was asking for N60k not to publish the pictures but that she won’t give in to his blackmail.

When asked what will happen if he publishes the pictures, she said God will fight him.

She said: “He’s an agent of the devil but my God will put him to shame. I won’t trade words with a low life like him. God will fight for me. He’s a 419 person. He is a jobless person looking for someone to embarrass.”

But the guy sent us chats of her telling him that he appeared nice but he’s now he’s acting devilish. He’s asking her for money to delete the pictures but she’s not ready to give in to his demands.

The woman stated that when she met him, she was having problems in her marriage. But when he suggested they have a fling, she refused.

We will keep you posted about this story. Stay tuned.


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7 Responses

  1. Grace says:

    Hmmm women mbok be careful ooo

  2. Helen says:

    The story is just getting juicey. She should call the stupid fool bluff abeg. Na who get time for rotten mangoes kwanu

  3. peace says:

    Jobless criminal looking for cheap change.

  4. Nonnie says:

    So who is lying?

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